Beautiful is Samobor.
The proximity to the main city gives it the charm of the nearby countryside as Tibur, Tivoli, Versailles, Schönbrunn, Windsor.
Environment is a happy combination of the highlands and the plains, fields and forests, gardens and nature, rivers and mountains, villages and hamlets, town and countryside.
Samobor is one of the najhrvatskijih Croatian town.

Antun Gustav Matoš, 1908.

Mid latitude, Southeast Europe, the northwestern “corner” of Croatia are features that determine its position on the globe. If we add to this its location at the edges of three large natural phenomena – the Pannonian Plain to the east, the Dinaric Mountain Range to the south and the Alpine Mountain Massif to the west, it is evident that the varying geographic, climatic, geological and botanical characteristics of these phenomena clash here. In the Samobor area, the influence of these phenomena is somewhat milder, which enhances the peculiarity of this area.

The results are extremely favourable living conditions. The climate is moderate, with markedly warm summers; cool winters and with an optimum of precipitation (about 800 mm a year). Lush, largely deciduous forests cover the highlands and the pastures at the highest altitudes, providing a natural habitat for a large and diverse animal and plant communities. Endemic species are also not rare (Blagay’s daphne, holly, etc.) The altitude ranges from 130 m to 1100 m.

The particularity of the climate is manifested in the fact that the temperatures here are 1 to 2 degrees Celsius lower than in neighbouring Zagreb (20 km to the northeast). Summers are, therefore, more agreeable – not so hot, and winters cooler – which allows for a longer snow cover. Thanks to the ruggedness of the relief, wind currents and vegetation, there is no smog in the area. The weather conditions, therefore, can be summarized in two words: healthy climate.

Samobor is located in the northwest part of Croatia, along the Slovenian border (5 km) and in the vicinity of the Croatian capital – Zagreb (20 km). Slightly to the side of the main airway, railway and roadway corridors.

Half an hour’s drive from Zagreb Airport, the Main Railway Station and the Bus Station.