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  • Elderflower syrup

    Homemade elderberry juice according to Grandma Tina’s recipe.

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  • Bermet in the box

    Bermet is an aromatic wine of sweet-bitter taste made of selected grape varieties from the sunny slopes of the Samobor mountains, wormwood, tropic fruits and secret ingredients.

    Although it was believed that Bermet was introduced to Croatia by Napoleon`s soldiers (1808.), later on it was discovered that the similar drink does not exist in France.

    The documents found in the Town Museum of Samobor point to the fact that Bermet is an authentic Croatian drink, firstly produced by Samobor pharmacists in the mid 18th century.

    The production of Bermet is a well kept secret, which has been passed in Filipec`s family from one generation to the other for more than two centuries. Even today it is a hand made product.

  • Bermet kugle

    Bermet praline box (120g)

    Bermet hand-made pralines filled with cream cocoa mass, hazelnuts, milk chocolate and our Bermet.

  • Samobor gastronomic souvenir

    Luxury  gift box in box with old Samobor paintings and description of Bermet and Mustard in English and German.

  • Wine vinegar Philipecz

    Wine vinegar with exceptional flavor and taste

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