Welcome to the cellars Philipecz

The Filipec family is one of the oldest families in Samobor and we are known as producers of Bermet and Muštarda, which have been produced in the family since the 19th century.
The family was engaged in the sale and processing of leather, and Bermet and Muštarda were produced
for private use.

After Josip Joca Filipec was deprived of a large part of his property in 1946, the tannery, which had about 30 employees, remained without a livelihood. Taken aback by the trouble that befell him, he began to commercially produce Bermet and Muštarda, and in time became a trademark of the town of Samobor.

Bermet and mustard are produced in the Filipec family according to a traditional recipe from the 19th century to the present day.

In the 1960s, his son Vojko became involved in production.
According to Joca’s will, after his death, the older son (Vojko) will continue the family tradition of making Bermet, and the younger (Antun Dubravko) will continue the production of Muštarda.

At the beginning of the nineties of the last century, grandson Antun joined the production, who in 1999 founded a craft for the production of grapes and wine – “Family Filipec”, and continues the tradition, improves and expands the circle of admirers of Bermet and Muštarda.

Both products are becoming unavoidable symbols related to the city of Samobor and its gastronomic offer.