What is Bermet?

Bermet is a special noble alcoholic beverage made from selected sorts of grapes from the sunny hillsides of the Samobor Mountains, wormwood, southern fruit and fragrant herbs which give it a special aroma. Bermet is of ruby red color, with alcohol content from 15 to 18 %, it has a rich and noble aroma and a pronounced bitterness given by absinthe. It is an old Samobor aperitif or a digestive whose production is a long standing secret of the Filipec Family which is carried from one generation to another for almost 200 years. Bermet is today still a hand-made product. Bermet is an original Croatian aperitif (digestive) which was made into a recognizable product by the Filipec family.

What is a Mustard?

Samobor Mustard is a kind of mustard that goes well as a side dish with cooked meat (e.g. boiled beef, sausages, garlic sausages, grilled meat etc.). Mustard is prepared from beaten mustard, which is cooked with a special jam from grapes etc… Samobor Mustard is completely a natural product which does not contain any preservatives. It has a sweet and spicey taste, harsh smell, which in larger quantities tastes something like grated horse radish.
Samobor people learned how to prepare this delicious sauce from the French, they changed it and adapted it to suit their taste and that is how Samobor Mustard came into existence.